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Welcome to the Deadmau5 (DJ) Wikia Edit

This wiki is dedicated to the Canadian DJ/Music Producer Deadmau5 aka Joel Zimmerman.

Origins of DeadMau5Edit


Career Edit

Joel Thomas Zimmerman also known as deadmau5, is a Canadian progressive house music producer and performer from Toronto, Ontario. Zimmerman produces a variety of styles within the house genre. His first studio album “Get Scraped” was released on July 26 2005. Since then he has made his own record label called mau5trap and he is now one of the highest paid electronic artists in the world!



Mau5Head Edit

Zimmerman’s logo Mau5Head is one of the most iconic symbols in electronic music, the logo appears in most of his album covers and he also wears it as a headdress during live performances. He came up with the name after finding a dead mouse inside his computer when he was younger. Zimmerman created the logo when learning how to use some 3D modelling software.

Link to Deadmau5 Official Website